Beatrice Victor Senior Olympics

Horseshoes: Pins – 40 feet apart. Game is 12 points – by 2 points. Ringer is 3 points. 2 points if horseshoe is touching or leaning on pin. 1 point if 1 horseshoe distance from pin.

Ballroom Dancing: Competition will be in five dances: foxtrot, salsa, hustle, waltz and tango.Partner required. Practice will take place in September.

Darts: Players take turns throwing at the numbers,trying to score as many points as possible per turn (using all three darts). 

Golf: The $50 fee (registration + golf fee) includes motorized cart, breakfast, lunch, and beverages. Participants must be 50+ and Staten Island residents. Medals and prizes will be awarded

Swimming: 25-Meter Free Style - 1 Length any stroke. 25-Meter Backstroke - 1 Length on back. 25-Meter Breaststroke - 1 Length of the pool, two hand touch. 25-Meter Butterfly - 1 Length of the pool, two hand touch. 50-Meter Backstroke - 1 Lap of the pool on back. 50-Meter Breaststroke - 1 Lap of the pool, two hand touch on each end. 50-Meter Butterfly - 1 Lap of the pool, two hand touch at each end. 50-Meter Free Style - 1 Lap of the pool any stroke. 100-Meter Free Style - 2 Laps of the pool any stroke. 100-Meter Breaststroke - 2 Laps of the pool two hand touch. 100-Meter Backstroke - 2 Laps of the pool on back only. 

The ancient board game with two armies in an evenly balanced battle to test your skill in commanding your pieces.

Table Tennis: Seniors compete in age and gender categories. Each round of play is decided by the best  two out of three games of 21. The game is both fun and competitive.

Predict-A-Pace: The Predict-a-Pace is a unique event in which participants are asked to predict how long they think it will take them to walk or run two miles. Medals are awarded to those who come closest (over or under) to their predictions.

Basketball Shoot: Each participant takes 2 shots each from 5 designated spots.  Total of 10 shots.  Each basket made results in points.  Most points win that particular age group.

Our Events

Mah Jongg: The official hands and rules of the national Mah Joh Jongg League Inc. will be the format for this tournament.

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Pinochle:​ Our Pinochle event is limited to 32 players. Partner required.

Shuffle Board: To start, each player will be allowed to shoot two (2) discs to determine the court surface speed. All discs are lined up and shot within the 10-Off area.  Each player must shoot from only one-half of the 10-Off area.  A player cannot step on or over the base line while shooting. Each game will be played by singles, and will be divided by age groups within Male/Female divisions.

Croquet: An outdoor lawn game played with wooden mallets similar to polo but shorter, requiring each competitor to hit a round wooden ball the size of an orange through metal hoops set up on a grass court in a figure 8 design. Steady hand/eye coordination and prior experience a plus.

Miniture Golf: “Shot gun” start  -- all players start at the same time. House Rules – one scorecard per team. Low score wins.

Bowling: Highest score for 3 games will be counted. Medals for high series in each age group for men’s and women’s division.  One medal awarded for High Game. In case of a tie, the winner will be determined by the highest game.  If both bowlers have the same high game, then the second high game will determine the winner.

Canasta: Three (3) games are played, each game include three (3 hands): ; Hand 1 – meld 125; Hand 2 – meld 155; Hand 3 – meld 180. Sign up with a partner or have one assigned to you. Even numbered team stays seated – odd numbered team rotates.

Bocce Ball: Teams of 4 (both men and women) selected by random drawings. Each team will play 9 – point games. One game elimination

Bridge: Duplicate Bridge is a challenging card game that you play with one partner and takes approximately 3:30hours to complete. You and your partner sits either north&south or east&west and move from table to table, playing 3 or 4 hands of bridge at each table. Yours scores at each table is compared to all the other pairs who have played the same hands. The pair with highest scores in each direction is declared the winners.

Cornhole: Cornhole is like a bean bag toss. 
Each player gets 4 corn filled (bean bags) to alternately toss against a opponent. The game is played tournament style where we use brackets that you play against people in your age group.

Checkers: One-game elimination using “Standard Rules of Checkers”.

Pickleball: is said to be the fastest growing sport in America.  It is a racquet sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, ping-pong and paddleball. It is played indoors or outdoors with a plastic wiffle ball.  The court remains the same whether singles or doubles are playing.  It is a fun game for people of all ages.

Scrabble: Each participant will play 2 games of scrabble at tables of up to 4 players. Medals will be given out based on age and score.

Tennis: Played as a “Round Robin” Doubles format designed to have each player with and against every other player. Positions will be assigned numerically “out of a hat”. Each set will consist of 4 games, no-ad scoring.  Experienced players only.

Pocket Pool: Participants will be playing 8-Ball tournament form.